Syndicate Members List

Prof. Lingaraja Gandhi

Vice-Chancellor, (Chairman)

The Commissioner,

Department of Collegiate Education, Government of Karnataka,

The Director,

Department of Technical Education. Government of Karnataka,

Dr. V. R. Devaraj

Dean Faculty of Science Department of Bio-Chemistry

Dr. Shinty Antony. V

Syndicate Member, Principal, M.S. Ramaiah College of Education

Sri. K. Shivanna

Syndicate Member, Principal

Dr. Gurunath Rao Vaidya

Syndicate Member, Principal

Dr. Sr. Aneecia

Syndicate Member, Principal

Sri. Karankumar

Syndicate Member

Sri.H.N. Hariprasad,

Syndicate Member

Smt. Jyothi Vijay

Syndicate Member

Sri. T.H. Srinivasaiah,

Syndicate Member

Dr.R.K. Chandranath,

Syndicate Member

Sri. Thomas Neeliyara,

Syndicate Member

Dr.V. Gayathri

Academic Council Member, Professor, Dept. of Chemistry,

The Director

Directorate of Medical Education,

The Commissioner

Department of Public Instructions,

The Director

Pre University Examination Board,

Prof. Ramesh B

The Registrar (Evaluation) Syndicate Member,

Sridhar C. N K.A.S (Senior Scale)

Registrar, Syndicate Member Secretary