Registrar (Evaluation)

Mobile: +91 8105473869, +91 9448419939

Dr. Ramesh. B is currently serving as Registrar (Evaluation), Bengaluru Central University, Central College Campus, Bengaluru. Before that, he was served as Registrar for Karnataka State Open University, Mysore.

Prof. Ramesh B, is Professor at the Department of Studies and Research in Social Work, Tumkur University, Tumkur, Karnataka, India, has over 20 years of Teaching, Research and Practice experience in Social work. After a brief period as Social Work Educator at Bangalore University, Bangalore Dr. Ramesh spent eight years at Kuvempu University, Karnataka before joining Tumkur University.

Dr. Ramesh’s research and practices focuses on understanding the social, economic, and health challenges of marginalised and vulnerable communities in Karnataka. A significant thrust of his work is concerned with understanding and intervening in resource poor communities to improve social, economic, health, livelihood and quality of life. His researches specifically have contributed to the understanding of the livelihood of marginalised and vulnerable communities and ensuing strategies to achieve sustainability in their livelihoods.

As the founding Director of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Study Centre, Tumkur University since 2013 he has organised numerous result oriented events, built Dr Ambedkar Museum and made it into an important study center in Karnataka.

He is recognized for collaborations with Govt, NGO, community organisations and people involved in the movements to bring them under the umbrella of various events, seminars and workshops and projects.He has significantly contributed to innovations in teaching and research and through consultancy and extension activities added value outside the academic field.

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