Notifications and Circulars

Notifications and Circulars


28/08/2019Payment of fee for 3rd semester PG coursesPDFDownload
28/08/2019Counselling for Supernumerary Seats to be held on 4th September, 2019PDFDownload
27/08/2019BCU Annual Meeting for Sports CalendarPDFDownload
26/08/20191st semester UG English textbookPDFDownload
23/08/2019Revised – Time schedule for Counselling for PG Admissions 2019-20PDFDownload
23/08/2019Circular – Regarding allotment of seats to PG coursesPDFDownload
23/08/2019Revised seat matrix of Nagarjuna collegePDFDownload
23/08/2019Address of Affiliated colleges offering M.Com coursesPDFDownload
22/08/2019BCom (Tourism) Syllabus NotificationPDFDownload
22/08/2019Seat Matrix for Faculty of SciencePDFDownload
22/08/2019Seat Matrix for Faculty of CommercePDFDownload
22/08/2019Seat Matrix for Faculty of ArtsPDFDownload
22/08/2019Revised syllabus for MA English III SemesterPDFDownload
21/08/2019Syllabus for M.Sc I and II Semester in PhysicsPDFDownload
20/08/2019Under Graduate admission approval procedures and other instructions for the academic year 2019-20PDFDownload
20/08/2019PG Counselling Time SchedulePDFDownload
20/08/2019PG Merit ListPDFDownload
20/08/2019Collection of fees of II Semester UG Examination for B.Ed colleges to be held during sep-2019PDFDownload
19/08/2019Regarding Co-operation to be extended for the relief work in respect of districts affected by natural calamityPDFDownload
19/08/2019Syllabus for M.Sc BiochemistryPDFDownload
19/08/2019Revised Syllabus for MBA (Day) I & II Semesters and III Semester MBA (Evening) of BCU.PDFDownload
19/08/2019Revised Syllabus for MA Political Science III and IVPDFDownload
19/08/2019Notification – Last date for admission to first and thrid semester UG courses extendedPDFDownload
19/08/2019Revised Syllabus for Visual Arts and Animation for UGPDFDownload
19/08/2019Fee Structure for 1st year PG courses for the year 2019-20 offered in BCU departments and Government collegesPDFDownload
19/08/2019Fee Structure for 2nd year (3rd semester) PG courses for the year 2018-19 offered in BCU departments and Government collegesPDFDownload
19/08/2019Fee Structure for 2nd year (3rd semester) PG courses for the year 2018-19 offered in Affiliated Private collegesPDFDownload
19/08/2019Fee Structure for 1st year PG courses for the year 2019-20 offered in Affiliated Private collegesPDFDownload
17/08/2019TAMIL TEXT BOOK – 1st Semester UG CoursePDFDownload
17/08/20191st semester Additional English Text BookPDFDownload
16/08/2019Registration of new Higher Education Institutions / colleges for the year 2019-20 from 16th August, 2019 in the AISHE portalPDFDownload
13/08/20191st semester Hindi textbooks for UG courses(BCU)PDFDownload
08/08/2019PG Entrance Test 2019 – Key AnswersPDFDownload
08/08/2019Syllabus for KannadaPDFDownload
08/08/2019Revised Syllabus for MA Economics III and IV SemestersPDFDownload
08/08/2019Syllabus for MA Political Science III and IV semesterPDFDownload
08/08/2019Revised History UG SyllabusPDFDownload
07/08/2019Modified calendar of events for 3rd semester PG coursesPDFDownload
07/08/2019Revised Commerce SyllabusPDFDownload
07/08/2019Revised Geography SyllabusPDFDownload
06/08/2019Revised FAD Syllabus NotificationPDFDownload
05/08/2019First semester English Text Books prescribed for the UG courses (2019-20 batch onwards)PDFDownload
05/08/2019Modified Calendar of Events for Third Semester UG Courses.PDFDownload
03/08/2019PG courses offered in Affiliated colleges with sanctioned intakePDFDownload
03/08/2019Revised – PG entrance test time tablePDFDownload
03/08/2019Not considered Candidates under Non-Entrance Category of Ph.d-2019PDFDownload
03/08/2019List of Eligible Candidates under Non-Entrance Category of Ph.d-2019PDFDownload
01/08/2019Press Note regarding Time Table for PG AdmissionsPDFDownload
01/08/2019BCU PG entrance test timetablePDFDownload
01/08/2019Merit List of Ph.D Entrance Test – July 2019PDFDownload
27/07/2019letter regarding objection call for 2019-20 Panel of examiners listPDFDownload
26/07/2019Date Extended – Admission Notification for Certificate -1 / Higher Diploma / Advance Diploma Courses in Foreign LanguagesPDFDownload
26/07/2019Revised Syllabus for B.Sc Fashion & Apparel Design and B.Sc Interior Design and Decoration CoursesPDFDownload
26/07/2019Circular regarding concession in examination feesPDFDownload
23/07/2019Results of 2nd Semester UG coursesPDFDownload
23/07/2019Collection of examination fees of Certificate-I & II course (4 months) in Foreign Languages of July-2019.PDFDownload
22/07/2019Four year integrated 4 year Integrated B.A-B.Ed / B.Sc-B.Ed programme – regarding NOC and seminar on 23rd July, 2019PDFDownload
22/07/2019Calendar of Events for First and Third Semester MBA (Day and Evening) Course for the academic year 2019-20PDFDownload
19/07/2019Modified Calendar of Events for Third Semester UG courses for the academic year 2019-20PDFDownload
19/07/2019Revised – PG Admission ELIGIBLITY CRITERIA 2019-20 BCUPDFDownload
18/07/2019Four year integrated B.Sc.B.Ed/BA.B.Ed Degree programmePDFDownload
18/07/2019Corrigendum of English UG SyllabusPDFDownload
16/07/2019Calendar of Events for IIIrd Semester of PG Courses under the faculties of Arts, Science, Commerce and EducationPDFDownload
16/07/2019Constitution of an Organizing Committee to celebrate Foundation DayPDFDownload
16/07/2019PG Admissions RulesPDFDownload
16/07/2019Revised – Guest Faculty NotificationPDFDownload
15/07/2019PhD key answersPDFDownload
15/07/2019Post Graduate Admission NotificationPDFDownload
13/07/2019Revised Syllabus for UG and PG Psychology Courses for the academic year 2019-20PDFDownload
13/07/2019Revised Syllabus for Speech & Hearing Courses for the academic year 2019-20PDFDownload
12/07/2019Revised Syllabus in B.P.Ed course for Under Graduate Courses for the academic year 2019-20PDFDownload
12/07/2019Revised Syllabus in M.Ed course for Post-Graduate Courses for the academic year 2019-20PDFDownload
12/07/2019Additional list of Ph.DPDFDownload
12/07/2019Revised Syllabus in BCA and MCA Courses for BCUPDFDownload
12/07/2019Revised Syllabus in Commerce for Under Graduate Courses for the academic year 2019-20PDFDownload
11/07/2019Revised Syllabus in Arts for Under Graduate Courses for the academic year 2019-20PDFDownload
10/07/2019Revised Syllabus in Commerce for Under Graduate Courses for the academic year 2019-20PDFDownload
09/07/2019PhD Exam CentrePDFDownload
09/07/2019Revised Syllabus in Arts for Under Graduate Courses for the academic year 2019-20PDFDownload
08/07/2019Notification – Examination Centres for MBA (Day and Evening) and MCA ExaminationPDFDownload
08/07/2019PH.D Entrance TestPDFDownload
05/07/2019MBA, MCA, MBA (Evening) 2nd sem exam time tablePDFDownload
05/07/2019Distribution of question paper packets for II semester Examination of July 2019PDFDownload
04/07/2019Click here to download PhD hall ticketLINKDownload
04/07/2019Circular – Issue of Blank Answer Books – regPDFDownload
03/07/2019Circular – Extension of date to upload Internal Assessment marks of PG courses – regPDFDownload
03/07/2019Circular – Conduct of PG Practical Examinations 2019-20PDFDownload
02/07/2019Results of First Semester PG CoursesPDFDownload
29/06/2019PG – July 2019 Exam Time Table Degree wise (II Semester)PDFDownload
29/06/2019Calendar of events for Ph.D Entrance Examination -2019PDFDownload
29/06/2019List of candidates not considered for Ph.D entrance Examination-2019PDFDownload
29/06/2019List of eligible candidates for Ph.D Entrance Examination-2019PDFDownload
28/06/2019Declaration of Examination Centers for conduct of 2nd Semester PG Examinations July/August 2019PDFDownload
25/06/2019Calendar of Events for Under GraduatePDFDownload
22/06/2019B.P.Ed 2nd Sem Time TablePDFDownload
20/06/2019Sending teachers for ValuationPDFDownload
20/06/2019Circular regarding Uploading the PG IA MarksPDFDownload
17/06/2019Letter to Principals regarding valuationPDFDownload
17/06/2019Submission of Hard Copy of Internal Assessment (IA) MarksPDFDownload
12/06/2019Conduct of PG Diploma, Diploma and Certificate Courses (Annual Scheme) Examination of July / August – 2019PDFDownload
08/06/2019Results of 1st sem Master of Science ( Journalism and Mass Communication)PDFDownload
07/06/2019Admission notification for Certificate – 1 / Higher Diploma / Advance Diploma courses in Foreign LanguagesPDFDownload
07/06/2019Letter to Principals regarding valuationPDFDownload
06/06/2019Syndicatae proceedings held on 29.05.2019 and 31.05.2019PDFDownload
06/06/2019Academic Council Proceedings held on 28.05.2019 and 31.05.2019PDFDownload
03/06/2019Conducting II Semester MBA (Day and Evening) Examination of July 2019PDFDownload
01/06/2019Revaluation notification for MBA (Evening) coursePDFDownload
28/05/2019II Sem PG Fee NotificationPDFDownload
28/05/2019B.P.Ed Fee NotificationPDFDownload
21/05/2019Extension of 2nd Sem IA MarksPDFDownload
21/05/2019Conduct of II Sem ExaminationsPDFDownload
21/05/2019Modified Declaration of Examination CentersPDFDownload
20/05/2019Distribution of Annswer booklet for II sem UGPDFDownload
20/05/2019Modified Declaration of Examination center & tagged collegesPDFDownload
20/05/2019Calender of Events for 2nd semester B.EdPDFDownload
17/05/20192nd Sem Examination Centers & Tagged CollegesPDFDownload
17/05/2019Meeting Notice (Exam Section)PDFDownload
15/05/2019Result of 1st Semester PG CoursesPDFDownload
14/05/2019Extension for Payment of II SemesterPDFDownload
13/05/2019List of RecognisedBoards of Secondary and Senior Secondary education for Admission at NIOSPDFDownload
10/05/2019Calendar of Events for Under Graduate courses for the academic year 2019-20PDFDownload
04/05/2019Circular – Regarding IA Marks EntryPDFDownload
04/05/2019Reminder – Panel of ExaminersPDFDownload
04/05/2019Meeting-Regarding Preparing Question paper for 2nd Semester PGPDFDownload
29/04/2019Ph.D application fee -refundPDFDownload
27/04/2019Notification of Resultes of MCA & MAPDFDownload 
24/04/2019Dates of LIC visitPDFDownload
23/04/2019Circular regarding TransgendersPDFDownload
23/04/2019Circular regarding LIC visitPDFDownload
23/04/2019Extension of last date for payment 2nd sem UGPDFDownload
22/04/2019Circular regarding practical examsPDFDownload
15/04/2019Results – M.Sc Mathematics, Microbiology, Biotechnology and Master of Management StudiesPDFDownload 
15/04/2019Calendar of Events for II Semester of PG Courses under the Faculties of Arts, Science and CommercePDFDownload
15/04/2019Circular regarding B.Ed ExamsPDFDownload
11/04/2019UG-2nd Semester practical examinationsPDFDownload 
05/04/2019Time Table – B.Ed 1st semesterPDFDownload
04/04/2019Notification – Extension of last date for payment of II Semester UG Examination of May – June 2019PDFDownload
04/04/2019Circular regarding information required about Youth Red crossPDFDownload
03/04/2019Notification to the Principals of Affiliated collegesPDFDownload
01/04/2019Notification regarding Results and Revaluation procedurePDFDownload
26/03/2019Results – MA Kannada and EnglishPDFDownload
13/03/2019Admission notification for certificate I / certificate II courses in Foreign languagesPDFDownload
11/03/2019Circular to send list of foreign students details enrolled for UG & PG for academic year 2018-19PDFDownload
07/03/2019List of Chairpersons of the Under Graduate Board of Studies in the Faculties of Arts, Science and EducationPDFDownload
07/03/2019Registration of students as votersPDFDownload
07/03/2019Registration of students as voters-Circular to affiliated collegesPDFDownload
06/03/2019Panel of Examiners in the Faculties of Arts, Science, Commerce, Education, Physical Education – UG, PG Exams for the Year 2019-2020PDFDownload
06/03/2019Notification regarding examination results of MA Philosophy and French and revaluationPDFDownload
06/03/2019Extension of uploading data & payment of affiliation fee for the year 2019-20PDFDownload
05/03/2019Circular – Online affiliation process systemPDFDownload
27/02/2019Admission NotificationPDFDownload
22/02/2019Regarding Uploading data and payment of Affiliation Fee for the Academic year 2019-20PDFDownload
22/02/2019Phd Applications Hardcopy SubmissionPDFDownload
19/02/2019UG results on 19/02/2019, after 4 PMPDFDownload
16/02/2019Notification of Fee StructurePDFDownload
15/02/2019Kannada NotificationPDFDownload
11/02/2019Circular of Commencement of PG valuationPDFDownload
11/02/2019Question Paper Packets issue of MBA,MCA,MMS & MEdPDF Download
05/02/2019MCA Practical Examination on 8th and 11th February, 2019PDFDownload
05/02/2019Postponement of calendar of event for Ph.DPDFDownload
30/01/2019Notification- Contitution of University Advisory Committee for Youth Red CrossPDFDownload
21/01/2019Renewal of recognition of research centresPDFDownload
21/01/2019Ph.D. AdmissionLinkLog in
03/01/2019Ph.D. Admission NotificationPDFDownload
19/01/2019Notification- B.P.Ed 1st Semester Exam ApplicationPDFDownload
19/01/2019Fee Notification for Certificate CoursePDFDownload
19/01/2019VIVA and Practical ExamImageDownload
19/01/2019I sem MCA ExamsImageDownload
17/01/2019Circular regarding IA Marks UploadingPDFDownload
17/01/2019Pariksha Pe Charcha 2.0PDFDownload
14/01/2019Modified Calendar of Events for UG coursesPDFDownload
14/01/2019Ph.D NotificationPDFDownload
10/01/2019Revised calendar of Events for I Semester PG Courses (except MBA and MCA courses)PDFDownload
10/01/2019University level Folk, Music and Dance competitionPDFDownload
3/01/2019Notification from AICTE to Affiliated collegesPDFDownload
2/01/2019Notification of BCU holidaysPDFDownload
2/01/2019Postponement of Internal Assessment review committee meetingPDFDownload


Serial NoDateDescriptionFormatDownload
116/08/2018Commence of ClassesIMAGEDownload
213/08/2018Circular to Principals for PG AdmissionsPDFDownload
320/07/2018Display of Accreditation status of collegesIMAGEDownload
420/06/2018International YogaPDFDownload
520/06/2018Prevention of Caste-based DiscriminationPDFDownload
620/06/2018Regulations on Curbing the Menace of RaggingPDFDownload
711/06/2018Notification related to revised fees pertaining to the Courses offered by Center for Global Languages, Bengaluru Central University for the year 2018-19PDFDownload
811/06/2018Revised II Language circularPDFDownload
901/06/2018Board of studies-2018-2019PDFDownload