Notifications and Circulars

Notifications and Circulars



23/10/20201st and 3rd sem PG result notificationPDFDownload
23/10/2020Certificate kannada time table revisedPDFDownload
22/10/2020Extension of UG admission datePDFDownload
21/10/2020Time table for online dissertation Viva-Voice examination – CommercePDFDownload
21/10/2020Letter regarding Rover & Ranger unit in collegesPDFDownload
21/10/2020Letter regarding Karnataka State Rural developmentPDFDownload
21/10/2020SSP credentials for affiliated collegesPDFDownload
20/10/2020Post metric and Metric-cum-means Scholarship Schemes for Minority Communities Students – NSPPDFDownload
20/10/2020Appointment of Chief Superintendent for PG Diploma CoursesPDFDownload
19/10/2020Letter reg – Fee Notification for Intermediate Semester,YearPDFDownload
19/10/2020SSP Sanction list as on 19.10.2020PDFDownload
19/10/2020Guidelines for submitting the application by the Foreign National students for UG and PG courses for the academic year 2020-21PDFDownload
15/10/2020Notification regarding – LIC committee with heldPDFDownload
15/10/2020PG challenge valuation notificationPDFDownload
15/10/2020PG diploma time tablePDFDownload
13/10/2020Academic Council ProceedingsPDFDownload
13/10/2020Quotation regarding 1TB Hard DiskPDFDownload
13/10/2020Syndicate meeting proceedingsPDFDownload
13/10/2020Circular regarding textbooksPDFDownload
12/10/2020Date Extended for admission of 1st semester UG studentsPDFDownload
08/10/2020SSP Sanction College List As On 08.10.2020PDFDownload
07/10/2020Date Extended for applying challenge revaluation for MBA 1st semPDFDownload
06/10/2020Hindi Text BooksPDFDownload
06/10/2020SSP Sanction College List as on 06.10.2020PDFDownload
06/10/2020Guidelines to LIC for Academic Year 2020-2021PDFDownload
06/10/2020Telugu text booksPDFDownload
05/10/2020Circular regarding Visit of Local Inquiry Committe to collegesPDFDownload
03/10/2020Admission approval for PG courses for the year 2019-20PDFDownload
03/10/2020Fee Notification for PG Diploma(Annual Scheme)PDFDownload
03/10/2020Extension date for payment of UG Exam Fees till 15.10.2020PDFDownload
03/10/2020Notification – Physics syllabusPDFDownload
03/10/2020Notification – MBA SyllabusPDFDownload
01/10/2020Furnishing details for preparation of BCU Annual ReportPDFDownload
30/09/2020Quotation – Video capture cum Playout Card, Video Switcher mixture software and Playout softwarePDFDownload
30/09/20201st and 3rd sem PG resultsPDFDownload
30/09/2020Reschudule of Postponement of Bio-Technology and Immunology and ToxicologyPDFDownload
30/09/2020Circular regrading Viva-Vice for PG ExaminationPDFDownload
28/09/2020Reschedule of Postponed Examination dates of PG, MBA and BEd coursesPDFDownload
26/09/2020Final Time table of Diploma and Certificate coursesPDFDownload
26/09/2020Notification – 3rd and 4th semester syllabus – Mass Communication & JournalismPDFDownload
24/09/2020Results of First and Third Semester PG courses 2020PDFDownload
24/09/2020Extension of last date for submission of dissertation in respect of PG 4th semester studentsPDFDownload
24/09/2020Postponement of 25/09/2020 and 28/09/2020 PG, MBA and BED examinationsPDFDownload
24/09/2020Revised letter- Permission to Re-join 3rd sem UG coursesPDFDownload
24/09/2020Extension – regarding Submission of DissertationPDFDownload
22/09/2020Circular regarding submission of DissertationPDFDownload
21/09/2020Notification Animal Science – syllabusPDFDownload
21/09/2020Notification Visual Arts BVA – syllabusPDFDownload
21/09/2020Notification M.Sc Mathematics – syllabusPDFDownload
21/09/2020Notification Biotechnology UG – syllabusPDFDownload
21/09/2020Notification Plant Science – syllabusPDFDownload
21/09/2020Notification Urdu Language – syllabusPDFDownload
21/09/2020Extension of last date for payment of UG 2nd & 4th Semester Fee NotificationPDFDownload
21/09/2020Permission to re-join for PG coursePDFDownload
21/09/2020Press note regarding Don Bosco School of ManagementPDFDownload
19/09/2020Extension of UG admission for 3rd and 5th SemesterPDFDownload
16/09/2020Instructions for Officials,Teachers, Invigilators for safe Examination practicesPDFDownload
16/09/2020Kannada Text BooksPDFDownload
12/09/2020Tamil Text BooksPDFDownload
11/09/2020PhD Management Merit ListPDFDownload
09/09/2020Circular for collecting Answer bookletsPDFDownload
09/09/2020Quotation for Hiring VehiclePDFDownload
07/09/2020Circular – Renaming of Bengaluru Central University as Bengaluru City UniversityPDFDownload
07/09/20201st Sem PG ResultsPDFDownload
07/09/2020Permission to re-join the 3rd semester for UG courses in concerned collegesPDFDownload
07/09/2020Letter to affiliated college principals regarding National building codePDFDownload
04/09/2020New Science Syllabus for Under Graduate programmesPDFDownload
04/09/2020Press release – Applications for the post of Guest FacultyPDFDownload
04/09/2020Guest Faculty Application and Letter format to be submitted by the candidatePDFDownload
03/09/2020Circular regarding postponement of PG September 2020 examinationsPDFDownload
03/09/2020MBA Examination Center DeclarationPDFDownload
03/09/2020Fee Notification of 4 Months Certificate CoursePDFDownload
03/09/2020Fee Notification of 8 Months Diploma CoursePDFDownload
02/09/2020Statement of Answer bookletsPDFDownload
01/09/2020Revised Syllabus in Commerce for UG CoursesPDFDownload
01/09/2020Extension of II and IV Semester UG Fee NotificationPDFDownload
01/09/2020Extension of UG IA MarksPDFDownload
01/09/2020Migration ApplicationPDFDownload
31/08/2020Advertisement for hiring vehiclePDFDownload
31/08/2020Migration Certificate formPDFDownload
28/08/2020Declaration of B.Ed Examination CentersPDFDownload
27/08/2020BED September exam – time tablePDFDownload
27/08/2020BPED September exam – time tablePDFDownload
27/08/2020Extension of last date for admission UG studentsPDFDownload
27/08/2020Corrigendum regarding vocation of teachers – PGPDFDownload
27/08/2020III Sem Communicative English Text BookPDFDownload
26/08/2020Extention of last date for payment of 2nd and 4th semester UG ExaminationPDFDownload
25/08/2020Extension of MBA and MCA Fee notificationPDFDownload
25/08/2020Extension of date for payment of 2nd and 4th sem PG ExaminationsPDFDownload
25/08/2020MBA,  MBA (Evening) Time Table- September 2020PDFDownload
25/08/2020PG Time Table – September 2020PDFDownload
24/08/2020English Text books 1st and 3rd SemPDFDownload
24/08/2020Revised Circular – Reg uploading B.Ed IA marksPDFDownload
24/08/2020Extension of last date for payment of 2nd & 4th sem B.Ed ExamPDFDownload
24/08/2020Notification – Updated Affiliated colleges of BCU – 2019-20PDFDownload
21/08/2020Declaration of PG Examination Centers – 2020PDFDownload
21/08/2020Circular regarding uploading IA – B.EdPDFDownload
19/08/2020Inclusion of B.Com (Business Data Analytics) in the Affiliation notificationPDFDownload
17/08/2020Circular of Extension of date for uploading UG IA MarksPDFDownload
17/08/2020Circualr of extension of date for uploading PG IA MarksPDFDownload
17/08/2020PG calendar of Events III & IV PG coursesPDFDownload
17/08/2020Meeting notice relating to PG admissions 2020-21PDFDownload
14/08/2020Extension of date for payment of 2 & 4 sem PG examinationPDFDownload
14/08/2020Extension of last date for payment of 2 and 4 semster UG examinationPDFDownload
13/08/2020Calender of events UG for the year 2020-21PDFDownload
13/08/2020II and IV Semester B.Ed Fee NotificationPDFDownload
13/08/2020Modified calendar of events for 2nd and 4th Semester – PGPDFDownload
12/08/2020Press Note relating to Independence Day celebrationPDFDownload
11/08/2020Notification – Date extension of Online Affiliation submissionPDFDownload
08/08/2020Sanction Order – Tuition feePDFDownload
07/08/2020Regarding uploading Online affiliation application – RemainderPDFDownload
07/08/2020Ph.D Viva Voice for ManagementPDFDownload
07/08/2020II & IV Semester MBA(Day & Evening) & MCA Examination Fee NotificationPDFDownload
05/08/2020GST fees relating to AffiliationPDFDownload
05/08/2020Corrigendum relating to B.Ed – 50 seatsPDFDownload
05/08/2020Results announced – MA (History), M.Sc.(FAD)PDFDownload
03/08/2020B.P.Ed fee Notification for 2nd & 4th SemesterPDFDownload
03/08/2020Calendar of Events MBA (1st and 3rd Semester) (2nd and 4th Semester) Day and Evening 2020-21PDFDownload
31/07/2020Plant and Animal Science Fee Notification for II Semester M.ScPDFDownload
31/07/2020Corrigendum relating to Processing feePDFDownload
30/07/2020Circular Regarding uploading IA marks of PG StudentsPDFDownload
30/07/2020Circular Regarding completion of PG 4th Sem SyllabusPDFDownload
30/07/2020Circular to PG students regarding payment of feePDFDownload
30/07/2020Circular to UG students regarding payment of feePDFDownload
30/07/2020Circular Regarding uploading IA marks of UG studentsPDFDownload
30/07/2020Quotation for Printer tonerPDFDownload
27/07/2020UG Calendar of events for the year 2020-21PDFDownload
25/07/2020PG II and IV Sem Fee NotificationPDFDownload
25/07/2020Proceedings of Government Directions for Conduct of ExaminationPDFDownload
25/07/2020Extension of 2nd and 4th semester UG Fee notificationPDFDownload
24/07/20201st and 3rd Semester PG courses results – MA (Kan), M.Sc Mathematics, Audiology and Speech Language PathologyPDFDownload
23/07/2020Affiliation Notification and Fee Structure-2020-21PDFDownload
14/07/2020Revised Calender of events for II and IV semester of PG (Except MBA and MCA)PDFDownload
01/07/2020Circular regarding Leave for teaching staff of affiliated collegesPDFDownload
26/06/20202019-20 Ph.D Course workPDFDownload
24/06/2020Tender Notification – UPSPDFDownload
23/06/2020Quotation for supplying and fixing audio / video recording system to the Board Room, Jnana Jyothi AuditoriumPDFDownload
20/06/2020Calendar of Events for Certificate – I/II, Diploma -I / II in Foreign Languages 4 Months Course under the faculties of ArtsPDFDownload
20/06/2020Tender Notification – Air ConditionerPDFDownload
17/06/2020Notification regarding 1st semester result – B.EdPDFDownload
15/06/2020Notification regarding result of 1st sem PG courses – Microbiology, Biotechnology, Psychological Counselling, PsychologyPDFDownload
15/06/2020Circular regarding extension of leave to teaching facultyPDFDownload
11/06/2020Quotation regarding printer tonerPDFDownload
22/05/2020Regarding B.Ed 1st and 3rd semester Valuation 2019-20PDFDownload
16/05/2020Circular (2019-20 UG & PG Courses syllabus completion)PDFDownload
16/05/2020Digital Open Access Learning Resources for BCU Faculty & StudentsPDFDownload
16/05/2020Steering Committee for Supervising Online Education Programme for UG CoursesPDFDownload
16/05/2020Steering Committee for Supervising Online Education Programme for PG StudentsPDFDownload
16/05/2020Online Guided Interns Programme Committee for UG & PG StudentsPDFDownload
04/05/2020Circular regarding Corona Virus – Holiday extension for University and affiliated college studentsPDFDownload
04/05/2020B.Ed. Online Learning Initiatives and Study MaterialPDFDownload
30/04/2020Calendar of Events for 2nd and 4th Semester two years B.Ed Course for the Academic Year 2019-20PDFDownload
29/04/2020Meeting of Heads of Insitutions / Principals / PG – Directors or Coordinators along with Placement Officers (Except B.Ed colleges)PDFDownload
25/04/2020BCU Affiliated colleges online registration form for Principal’s and Placement officers meetingGOOGLE FORMLink
23/04/2020Vice-Chancellors message for studentsPDFDownload
20/04/2020Online Class NotificationPDFDownload
20/04/2020Circular regarding online classesPDFDownload
08/04/2020Online – Virtual meeting with Deans, chairpersons /coordinators of BCU and Principals – BCU affiliated collegesPDFDownload
26/03/2020UGC On Line Learning-ICT initiatives of MHRDPDFDownload
25/03/2020Circular Regarding UG 2nd and 4th semester ExaminationPDFDownload
17/03/2020Msc Animal Science SyllabusPDFDownload
17/03/2020Gender champions in educational institutionsPDFDownload
16/03/2020Circular regarding Corona Virus – Holiday declared for University and affliliated college studentsPDFDownload
10/03/2020Calendar of Events for Second and Fourth Semester MBA (Day and Eve) Course for the academic year 2019-20PDFDownload
05/03/2020Circular for All PG Departments Chairperson & Co-ordinatorsPDFDownload
05/03/2020Updating College Bank Details in the State Scholarship Portal – regPDFDownload
05/03/2020Circular – Soft Skill SyllabusPDFDownload
04/03/2020Tender NotificationPDFDownload
04/03/2020MBA I Sem (Evening) & III Sem (Day) Internship Viva-Voce Examination – schedulePDFDownload
04/03/2020Application invited for Guest Faculty – II Sem Animal & Plance SciencePDFDownload
02/03/2020Emergence of BCU Hockey men’s team as Champion of Khelo India University GamesPDFDownload
29/02/2020Modified declaration of Examination centers for the conduct of 1st and 3rd semester (CBCS-2 years) B.Ed Degree examination March – 2020PDFDownload
29/02/2020Ph.D commerce provisional merit listPDFDownload
28/02/2020Final Remainder – Furnishing University seat number for the students allotted by KEA under PGCET in the year 2019PDFDownload
27/02/2020Reschedule of Computer practical Time table for 1st semester M.Com 2019-2020PDFDownload
27/02/2020Declaration of Examination Centers for the conduct of 1st and 3rd Semester (CBCS-2years) B.Ed Degree Examination March – 2020PDFDownload
24/02/2020Autonomous colleges 2019-20PDFDownload
24/02/2020B.Ed / B.PEd colleges 2019-20PDFDownload
24/02/2020Affiliated colleges 2019-20PDFDownload
24/02/2020Extension of date of admission for Certificate courses in various Foreign Languages for the academic year 2020-21PDFDownload
24/02/2020Quotation regarding hiring vehiclesPDFDownload
20/02/2020Approval of admission to PG Diploma and Diploma certificate courses for the Academic year 2019-20PDFDownload
20/02/2020Calendar of Events for 2nd and 4th semester Post Graduate courses (Expect MBA & MCA courses) for the academic year 2019-20PDFDownload
20/02/2020Approval of conducting the Computer Practical Examination Time-Table for the I semester M.Com and approval of the panel of Examiners for conduct of the samePDFDownload
17/02/2020BED 1st & 3rd semester Time TablePDFDownload
17/02/2020English IV Semester SyllabusPDFDownload
14/02/2020Circular Regarding Postponment of ExaminationPDFDownload
14/02/2020Examination centers for MBA(Day and Evening) and MCA Examinations of BCUPDFDownload
13/02/2020Announcement of 1st and 3rd sem UG examination results of Nov/Dec 2019PDFDownload
12/02/2020Kannada 4th semester PG syllabusPDFDownload
12/02/2020Extension of date for payment of MCA 3rd semester examination for January / February – 2020PDFDownload
12/02/2020Extension of date for payment of 1st semester MCA freshers and 3rd semester lateral examination for January – February 2020PDFDownload
12/02/2020Partial modification of Calendar of Events for 3rd semester PG coursesPDFDownload
12/02/2020Syndicate meeting proceedings held on 15.11.18PDFDownload
12/02/2020Revised Affiliation Notification 2020-2021PDFDownload
12/02/2020Collection of fees of 1st & 3rd semester B.Ed. Examination for B.Ed colleges to be held during February / March – 2020PDFDownload
10/02/2020Furnishing University seat number for the students allotted by KEA under PGCET in the year 2019PDFDownload
07/02/2020Affiiation 2020-2021PDFDownload
06/02/2020Appoinment Chief Superintendent for BCU PG Arts Dept.PDFDownload
05/02/2020Circular regarding Inspection Before packeting the Received Answer BookPDFDownload
29/01/2020Circular regarding syllabusPDFDownload
29/01/2020Circular regarding Internal Assesment marksPDFDownload
29/01/2020MA History 4th Semester PG syllabusPDFDownload
29/01/2020Revised Msc Physics 1st year PG syllabusPDFDownload
28/01/2020PG 1st semester Exam Table JAN/FEB 2020PDFDownload
28/01/2020Deputing three students YRC Volunteers for one day training programme on Red Cross activitiesPDFDownload
27/01/2020Centre for Global Languages – Admission Notification -2020PDFDownload
27/01/2020Conduction of 1st and 3rd semester MBA (Day & Evening) examination of February 2020PDFDownload
23/01/2020Circular to colleges regarding DCF in the AISHE portalPDFDownload
23/01/2020Ph.D Viva Voice in Commerce SubjectPDFDownload
22/01/2020Payment of Examination fees of B.P.Ed 1st and 3rd semester examination freshers and repeaters to be held during January / February – 2020PDFDownload
22/01/2020Modified declaration of PG Examination centers of BCUPDFDownload
22/01/2020Circular regarding Postponment of 1st semester PG examination 2019-20PDFDownload
17/01/2020Calendar of Events for 1st semester PG courses (except MBA and MCA courses) for the academic year 2018-19PDFDownload
10/01/2020Last date for payment of III Semester PG Examination fees – extended for the academic year 2019-20PDFDownload
10/01/2020Approval of admission B.Ed & B.P.Ed courses for the academic year 2019-20PDFDownload
09/01/2020Revised Terms, Vacation and other calendar of events for two years B.P.Ed course for the academic year 2019-2021PDFDownload
09/01/2020Declaration of Exam Centers for 1st and 3rd semester PGPDFDownload
08/01/2020Time table – Global Languages coursesPDFDownload
08/01/2020Approval of admission to MBA (Day and Evening) / MCA courses for the year 2019-20PDFDownload
07/01/2020University General Holidays – listPDFDownload
07/01/2020Appointment of Co-ordinators for 5 new PG departmentsPDFDownload
06/01/2020Submission of Original fee receipt and admission cards of all PG students who has been admitted under BCU and for reimbursement of feesPDFDownload
04/01/2020Extension of Last date for payment of Ph.D fees (History and Kannada) – notificationPDFDownload
02/01/2020Conduct of First semester PG Examination Freshers and Repeaters of all faculties including MCA (Except MBA) for January -February 2020PDFDownload
02/01/2020Terms, Vacation and other Calendar of Events for two years B.P.Ed course for the academic year 2019-2021PDFDownload
02/01/2020Revised calendar of Events for First and Third Semester MBA (Day and Evening)PDFDownload
30/12/2019Receiving applications for appointment of Co-ordinators for the new Post-Graduate Departments – date extended till 07.01.2020PDFDownload
30/12/2019Extension of last date for payment of Certificate – 1, Certificate – 2 and Diploma -1 course (4 months) in Foreign Languages of January – 2020PDFDownload
30/12/2019Extension of last date for payment of 3rd semester PG Examination of all faculties (Except MBA ) for December – 2019 / January – 2020PDFDownload
30/12/2019Provisional list of Ph.D candidates – HistoryPDFDownload
26/12/2019Modified Calendar of Events for Under Graduate Courses for the academic year 2019-20PDFDownload
23/12/2019Collection of examination fees for Certificate – 1, Certificate – II and Diploma – I Course (4 months) in Foreign Language of January – 2020PDFDownload
21/12/2019Circular regarding Ph.D Research centersPDFDownload
18/12/2019Conducting III Semester PG Examination of all Faculties (Except for MBA) for December – 2019 / Jan – 2020PDFDownload
16/12/2019Circular relating to commence valuation work of BCU by all teachers including guest faculty immediatelyPDFDownload
16/12/2019Meeting notice relating PG research centersPDFDownload
16/12/2019Registration for PG students relating to 43rd ISSCPDFDownload
13/12/2019Right to Information Act – 2005PDFDownload
13/12/2019PG approval date extendedPDFDownload
09/12/2019PG Admission ApprovalPDFDownload
07/12/2019Circular relating – B.Ed remaining seats for the academic year 2019-20PDFDownload
07/12/2019Provisional List of Ph.D – Arts FacultyPDFDownload
07/12/2019Provisional List of Ph.D – Education FacultyPDFDownload
07/12/2019Provisional List of Ph.D – Science FacultyPDFDownload
26/11/2019Admission approval for Autonomous collegesPDFDownload
20/11/2019Final Modified Declaration of Examination centers for 1st and 3rd semester UG examination 2019-20PDFDownload
19/11/2019Extension of last date for payment of I and III Semester UG Examination of Nov / Dec – 2019PDFDownload
19/11/2019User manual for students relating to State Scholarship PortalPDFDownload
18/11/2019Terms and other Calendar of Events for P.G Diploma and Diploma Certificate courses 2019-20 (Annual Scheme)PDFDownload
18/11/2019Circular regarding pending exam feesPDFDownload
18/11/2019Training programme for Principals / e-attestation officers relating to SSPPDFDownload

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