Vision and Mission of Bengaluru Central University – Prof. S. Japhet, Vice Chancellor of BCU

Source: Prajavani Newspaper on 24 July 2018

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Bangalore Central University (BC) has emerged from the tri-division of the Bangalore University this year and has started postgraduate courses in Humanities and Social Sciences with a new curriculum this year.

The city is the first city-focused university in the country, operating at Central College, centrally located in the capital. It has 260 colleges in the city.

Already BC has invited applications for various postgraduate (PG) courses in arts, commerce and science subjects and filed a fine of 25 days for non-penal application. This is the last 28 days for filing a fine fee.

Skill, employment based text

VV has prepared skill and employment course for PG courses of various humanities and sociology topics including Kannada, English, Political Science, Sociology, Economics, Social Work and Philosophy.

VV has also incorporated communication skills enhancing text along with globalized texts. In addition, computer learning, along with Spoken English, also incorporates magazines on English writing. Every student joining PG should wish to have English learning and computer knowledge at the completion of the course.

Students are allowed to study inter-discipline and multi-disciplinary subjects. That means that every student receiving PG admission in the prescribed subject must read the Total 2 in a separate category of courses in the 2nd and 3rd semester.

For example, a postgraduate degree in sociology should read every single paper in different disciplines including student politics, history, economics and philosophy. Similarly students from other departments. The purpose of this is to enhance the knowledge of different subjects for students. In addition, students should read six selected papers in the prescribed format.

Bangalore-focused text

Bangalore is a city-focused VV because of every issue of the Bangalore city in the subject of each subject. There is a journal on ‘Understanding Bangalore’ in sociology. Bangalore’s history has been introduced to students of history, the economics of Bangalore, and the political power of the state students for the students of politics.

Besides providing a place for Bangalore in the text, it is also helpful for higher studies and research in new dimensions for Bangalore.

Special trial

A special experiment has been made in the course of Kannada postgraduate course course. It is also taught in the field of literary study, culture, philosophical literature, Kannada literature, writing of creative literature, Kannada language creation, Kannada poetry, old age, inscription, study of olegars, and subtletics. Besides them, journal writing study and experimentation, technology media writing and experimentation, research writing papers have been implemented. Translation with these, experimental magazines can also be added . The VV has noticed the Kannada Masters degree opportunities in the media field. That is why VV is hoping that students will get plenty of opportunities in the media.

The essay creation

Students of every PG course should have a paperwork in the final year. Through this program, students have the intention of teaching research, including field work, discussion, dialogue, study, analysis and review.


Internships are offered in each course. Students of political science are the representatives of the representatives, sociology and social work students at NGOs, Kannada students, newspapers, literary councils, history students, and other research centers including ICHR. S. Jafet informed.

Infrastructure and staff

“Some instructors from the original university have the option of choosing a PC. In addition, lectures will be held from time to time by the prestigious University of India, including JNU, Delhi University. In addition, we are appointed as a guest instructor who has recently retired professors in various VVs. At some point, some of the Government and Collegiate Colleges of BC are invited to the VV on deployment. He also plans to introduce some more guest faculty and teach students a lesson. ”

‘The Physics Block’ at Central College has decided to conduct a 10-part PG course.

Next project

The BC has decided to launch new and different PG courses from the next academic year. VV plans to launch Cinema Study, Urbanization and Planning, Five Year Integrated Courses, Digital Media Studies, Vocational Courses.

The way to the Central College

Central College has its own history. Beginning in 1886, it was part of Mysore University. The country’s great scientists, scholars and writers have taught here. It became Bangalore University in 1964.

Later, the VV arts, commerce and science subjects PG courses were held here. After the construction of the Jnanabharathi campus, several departments were transferred to one place. Various courses of science and commerce content were held at Central College. Central College Bangalore has emerged as the Central University of Bangalore. After many years there will be literary, artistic and humanistic learning and teaching activities.


Jawaharlal Nehru VV, Delhi University, Nias, Isaac, has created texts in various subjects to create committees headed by a senior professor of Central VV in Gulbarga. Text is prepared for students to get local and global knowledge

– Pro. S. Jaffet, Chancellor, BC

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