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Extension of PG admission online entry process 25/02/2021
Calendar of Events for 1st and 3rd sem MBA (Day and Eve) - 2020-21 23/02/2021
Calendar of Events for B.PEd course - 2020-21 23/02/2021
Circular regarding identifying a suitable college/institution in the sate to affiliate with National Forensic Sciences University (NFSU) 23/02/2021
Circular Regarding UG and MBA/MCA 22/02/2021
Quotation - Answer booklets 20/02/2021
List of documents to be e-attested by the students before uploading to SSP portal 19/02/2021
Endorsement - transfer from one University to other University 19/02/2021
Persmission to re-join 3rd semester 19/02/2021
Endorsement - permission to change second language 19/02/2021
Terms and other calendar of events for P.G. Diploma and Diploma Certificate courses 2020-21 19/02/2021
Revised calendar of events for UG courses - 2020-21 19/02/2021
Notification regarding PG admissions for vacant seats extended upto 01.03.2021 17/02/2021
Circular regarding providing NAAC accreditation details of your college 17/02/2021
PG admission approval procedures for the academic year 2020-21 15/02/2021
Notification - admission process for Certificate courses for Global Languages 11/02/2021
Notification regarding Global Languages certificate courses 09/02/2021
Endorsement - permission to change languages under UG courses 08/02/2021
Permission to rejoin in 3rd and 5th sem UG courses 08/02/2021
Revised calendar of events for 3rd and 4th semester for PG students 05/02/2021
Calendar of Events for PG courses 1st sem 30/12/2020
PG Online Admission Fee Payment Link 10/12/2020
1st Year Fee Notification Affilated Private Colleges 08/12/2020
1st Year Fee Notification BCU Departments Government Colleges 08/12/2020
Admissions to PG courses in University Departments and Affliated Colleges 08/12/2020
PG courses offered in affliated colleges 08/12/2020
PG Fee structure for payment seat 05/12/2020

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